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Agnieszka Jabłońska

Hello, my name is Agnieszka and I'm an interior architect specializing in designing spaces for kids.

Since the very beginning I've been specializing in this specific field and this is the reason why I decided to study interior design in the first place.

We can see child-oriented specialists everywhere. There are pediatricians taking care of children's health, teachers who teach age-specific groups, psychologists for children…

So why not having an architect who is specializing in designing rooms for kids?

Being a mother myself I know how many ideas or doubts can a parent have while arranging a good space for their little ones.

That is why it's become some kind of my mission to design spaces intended for children. It is children who deserve the best possible support in the early stages of their life to become the best adults in the future. And a well designed surroundings can definitely have a great impact on that!

It's been only a very novel trend to have a child's room designed by an interior architect, because up until not so long ago not many people were aware that a good spacial design can have an unbelievable impact on a child's growth. Not to mention eco-friendly, sustainable design, biofilic design and fulfilling a child's needs by using appropriate colors, patterns and textures.

I am offering help in solving those kind of design problems to all the parents out there who are aware of the growing need to organize a space for children that is supporting their individual, specific needs, growth and health.

In order to be able to understand children's needs better, in the past few years I've been educating myself not only in the field of design itself, but also participating in various webinars and coursesin the field of a child's psychology/pedagogy and of course practicing parenting myself ;)

Today, thanks to allining all those fields together, I am fully capable of adjusting the whole design process to the individual needs of a child's and their parents' needs when designing a dream-room for this little human.

I have already helped many children and their parents...

...and today I would love to help you as well :)


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